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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Watched So Far

I had always been a fan of Japanese Drama, but only recently did I become a fan of Korean Dramas as well, especially Korean Comedy. What I've been watching so far:

1) Full House (that got me caught)
2) Sang Doo Let's Go to School (Funny and Sad)
3) My Name is Kim Sam Soon (Hilariously real)
4) 100 days with Mr Arrogant
5) She's On Duty
6) Ireland (still watching...draggy)
7) Winter Sonata (Soapy)
8) Attic Cat (attress wasn't too good)

Waiting to watch
1) My Sassy Girl
2) Windstruck
3) Romance
4) Spring Day
5) Il Mare

Wants to watch
1) 18 vs 29
2) Sweet 18
3) My love Patzzi

As for Japanese Dramas, I've watched many in the past, but mostly I can't remember the titles. I'm currently watching Vessels of Sand starring Nakai Masahiro of SMAP. It's pretty dark and weird, not the typical light hearted Jap drama. I would watch anything with Takuya Kimura in it, surely it'd be good, waiting currently to watch Pride.

Anybody got any good recommendation?


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  • Here's some good japanese drama:

    1.) Mokudono, Yan Papa, and Tiger and Dragon - Tomoya Nagase (mega hot)
    2.) Golden Bowl - Takeshi Kaneshiro (also mega hot)
    3.) Long Vacation, Love Generation, Pride, Engine, and Sleeping Forest - (Himura Takuya - also a hottie)
    4.) Midnight Rain - Great cast and story line.
    5.) Forbidden Love - love the main actress.
    5.) GTO and Hotman - Takeshi Sorimichi (great smile).

    enjoy!! =)


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